Electric indirect tilting boiling pans with mixer

Tank bottom made in AISI 316 thickness 20-40/10. Estructure made in AISI 304, thickness 30/10. External shirt made in stainless steel AISI 304, thickness 10/10. Tilted lid by stainless steel springs AISI 304, thickness 10/10. External covering in satinated AISI 304, thickness 10-15/10. Revolvable faucet for tank filled. Automatic tilting mechanism. Heating by shielded elements “Incoloy-800”. Mixer included.

  Model Capacity l Power kW Dimensions (mm) Data sheet
MBE-150 M MBE-150 M 500 49,00 - 1300x1245x1030 -
MBE-200 M MBE-200 M 200 25,00 - 1250x1250x1340 -
MBE-300 M MBE-300 M 300 37,00 - 1670x1550x1500 -

Steam indirect tilting boiling pans with mixer

Heating by net steam by partial valve. Pressure control of the shirt made by security valve at 0,5 bar, pressure valve and analogical manometer. Mixer included.

  Model Capacity l Power kW Dimensions (mm) Data sheet
MBV-150 M MBV-150 M 500 - - 1300x1245x1050 -
MBV-200 M MBV-200 M 200 - - 1450x1340x1340 -
MBV-300 M MBV-300 M 300 - - 1670x1550x1500 -
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