Gas ranges with pass-through oven

Made of AISI 304 (18/10) stainless steel. Burners controlled by safety valve with thermocouple. Pilot lights for ignition system. Worktop equipped with grills over open burners, with individual discharges and roasting plates. Grill and plate dimensions: 425 x 350 mm. Grill, plate and burners made of cast iron. Individual enamelled discharges. Removable grease collection trays. Built-in handrail. Ovens: Stainless steel construction. Three different heights. Thermostatic temperature control: 130 ºC - 350 ºC. Tubular stainless steel burners. Pilot light for ignition and safety thermocouple. Optional accessories: Water column with hot and cold water taps

Gas central ranges

Made of austenitic stainless steel. Open hobs and smooth hot-plates with safety valves and thermocouples. Pilots for ignition. Dimensions of the grills and plates: 425 x 350 mm. Cast iron gratings and burners. Fat collector under the grills. Front handrails. Pass-through ovens: Made in stainless steel. Three levels for trays. Tubular burners in stainless steel. Pilots and thermocouples. Thermostatic control (130 ºC to 350 ºC). In Option: Column with hot and cold water tap

  Model No of Burners No of pass-through ovens Gas power kW Dimensions (mm) Data sheet
CG-1002 CG-1002 4 1 37,53 850x1140x850 Download
CG-1502 CG-1502 6 1 + 1xGN1/1 51,81 1400x1140x850 Download
CG-2002 HP CG-2002 HP 8 2 75,06 2000x1140x850 Download
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