Basque grill

• Unit conceived for installation against wall.

• Surface top manufactured in 2 mm thick AISI-304 stainless steel, with rounded edges for easy cleaning.

• Mouth of grill raised above the surface top to allow the grill to be brought as close as possible to the embers and funnel the outlet of heat, for greater efficiency.

• Inner floor of the grill protected by refractory brick to insulate and concentrate the heat and improve efficiency.

• Sinks in the tank for easy withdrawal of the ashes.

• Includes an ash collection drawer.

• Lower zone with door (without shelf or rack), designed for housing a charcoal trolley (optional) or another trolley of the premises.

• Base with cut-out at the bottom back to bridge any skirting board on the wall.

• Unit clad in stainless steel down to the floor.

• With 4 height-adjustable feet.

• Back cover to hide the guide system and give an easier-to-clean finish. Includes grill guide, system of counterweights and fixed top grill.

• Top vents for optimum temperature diffusion.

• Grill constructed in stainless steel.

• Cooking grill height-adjustable by crank at front, making it possible to cook at different intensities to achieve the perfect cooking point. Includes counterweight to soften the adjustment action.

• Grill with large dimensions for greater versatility.

• Includes fat collection tray, easily removable without tools.

• The grill is tilted by 5°. This allows the fat to run along the grill by capillary motion to the fat collection tray. This prevents fat from falling onto the embers, which would cause flameups that alter the cooking of the food.

• Includes a second fixed grill at the top for temperature maintenance of the product.

• All the grills are dismountable, to facilitate cleaning.



• Trolley for charcoal.

• Stainless steel drawer with reinforced upper part.

• With three wheels for easy movement.

• Designed for storing charcoal to feed the Basque grill mid-service more conveniently.

• Allows the charcoal to be stored in an external zone which does not affect the hygiene of the food handling areas.

• Dimensions: 400 x 380 x 536 mm.

• Interior capacity: 57.5 litres.

  Model Grills dimensions Voltage (V) Power (W) Dimensions (mm) Data sheet
BGF-1000 BGF-1000 650x560 230 V 1+N 25 800x870x1.500 Download
BGF-2000 BGF-2000 2 x 650 x 560 230 V 1+N 50 1.600 x 870 x 1.500 Download
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