Gas ranges

The 600 Series gas cookers come in response to a need to offer a smaller modular range especially designed for bars, cafés and small businesses of any type. The gas cookers from the 600 Series may include ovens, fry-tops, cookers, fryers and barbecues, and can be combined with electric ovens. The equipment in the 600 Series is formed by machines with the highest operating powers on the market with excellent performance and recovery ratios.

Gas range with electric oven

Open hobs with safety valve and thermocouples. Pilots for ingition. Cast iron gratings and burners. Electrical 2/1 GN oven in stainless steel with heating elements in the bottom (3 KW) and grill (3 KW). Thermostatic control (55 ºC – 350 ºC).

  Model No of Burners No of Ovens Gas power kW Dimensions (mm) Data sheet
CGE6-41 CGE6-41 4 1 x 450x300 - 600x650x1000 Download

Gas ranges

Open burners with security valve and thermocouples. Piezoelectric unit to light the burners. Grids and burners made of enamelled iron. Grid dimensions: 400x275 mm. Grease-collector made in stainless steel. CG6-41: Stainless steel oven with 5,2 KW tube-shaped burner. with ignition pilot and thermocouple. Temperature control with thermostatic valve (130 - 350 ºC). Oven dimensions: 450 x 420 x 300 mm.

  Model No of Burners No of Ovens Gas power kW Dimensions (mm) Data sheet
CG6-20 CG6-20 2 - 8,14 400x650x440 Download
CG6-40 CG6-40 4 - 16,28 600x650x440 Download
CG6-41 CG6-41 4 1 x 450x300 22,09 600x650x1000 Download
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