Horizontal Cooking

Commercial kitchen

A professional in the kitchen requires, above all, quality, safety and hygiene. We also add reliability, design, technology and comfort to all our cooking ranges: Symphony, 900, 700 and 600.

900 KORE Range

Robust, ergonomic and easy-to-clean cooking, designed to offer higher level performance with maximum versatility, allowing us to offer the best solutions to the kitchen professional.

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We offer a wide range of machinery for large scale production that meets the equipment requirements of large hospitals and catering centres where even the large modular machinery is not enough.


Our non-modular cooking machinery complements the range of products for specific machines designed for bars, cafés, small restaurant kitchens... Always manufactured with the features, performance and identical quality requirements of all our cooking products

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The Symphony line of kitchens allows the professional chef to design a tailor-made kitchen, laying out and adapting the different elements of the kitchen to suit their taste and adapted to their way of working. A wide range of top quality and design elements, shapes, sizes, accessories and finishes allows you to create the perfect tool with which to delight your public.

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